Getting Started

Q& A for Beginners

How do I begin learning?
We offer Group lessons and private instruction. Group lessons are a fun, easy way to get familiar with the basics of dancing while meeting new people and just having fun! Private lessons are geared more to your individual needs and schedule, and focus on your choice of dance styles at your pace. Our dance parties are an inexpensive way to take what you are learning and practice in a safe, fun, atmosphere among great people.

Do I need a partner for group classes and private lessons?
Bring a partner or just bring yourself! Our teachers and fellow students will partner with you.

Which type of lesson is better for me,– private or group?
Ideally, a combination of both private and group instruction is the best choice. Since group instruction primarily deals with patterns and steps, the private lesson becomes necessary to develop the proper skills of partnership.

How many lessons do I need?
This depends entirely on your dancing goals. If you’re learning for a specific occasion, plan on a minimum of three to five lessons. By the end of one lesson in any given dance, you’ll have at least a move or two you should feel comfortable with. And of course, the more lessons you take, the better you’ll become.

How often should I take lessons?
Because you are new to dancing, the frequency of your initial lessons is key to your success. When you first begin, we recommend a minimum of two lessons per week. This will help you retain your information and make better progress. Also, focus on learning as many basic dances as you are able. This gives you the option to dance more variety, and also will reinforce your primary dances quicker.

What kind of shoes should I wear?
Shoes with a thin, flexible sole are best for men with felt on the bottom. Women should wear a heel, since that is the normal shoe of choice when dressing up. Walking shoes with thick soles or rubber soles, sneakers or athletic shoes are not recommended for dancing. Although comfortable, this footwear will impede your ability to use your feet properly for dancing, and may even encourage injury. Special footwear designed for dancing in a variety of styles is available from specialty vendors.

Do I need to wear anything special for my lessons?
Wear clothing that will give you freedom of movement. Many women find loose slacks or a full skirt to be most comfortable. Men find sport shirts or polos and loose slacks work well. Jeans and sweat clothes are not recommended.

What’s that dance?
We specialize in social and competitive instruction with a variety of dance styles, which are generally divided into 3 main categories: American Style, International Style and Social/Club Style.